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Polish Council of Youth Organizations is a cooperation forum of non-governmental organizations which members are young Poles.

We fulfill the function of National Youth Council at European Youth Forum. The aim of PROM is inter alia to promote participation of young people in public life, to inform public opinion about the state of youth policy in Poland and to represent member organizations. However, the most important task is to take action to create a coherent and modern policy for young people in Poland. That is why today we want to be the voice of young Poles in the debate about their rights, privileges and future.

PROM is more than a quarter of a million people in its member organizations, which are associations operating both nationwide, regionally and locally. PROM is the official representative of Polish youth at EU Youth Conferences.

You can count on us!

Our mission is to empower the voice and potential of young people and youth organizations by advocating for their interests and supporting youth participation in public life.

The only such organization

We act as the National Youth Council according to the European law. We organize many trainings and workshops. We prepare complex diagnoses and reports.

Leading experts

Among the members of the PROM Board and team you will find leading experts in the field of youth policy, strategic management, legal aspects of NGOs and youth councils of local government units.

Multiplicity of activities

We monitor legislation and actions of government bodies. We conduct social consultations and create specific proposals for the benefit of young people. We represent you before decision-makers at the European, central and local level.

Our heritage

We have been operating for over 10 years! Behind us are many projects and events. Each year we gain more and more experience to better serve the younger generation.

What does our work look like?


Staying in touch with young people

We are in constant contact with young people, especially those associated in our member organizations. We conduct interviews and research in order to always have an up-to-date map of problems and challenges of Polish youth.



We monitor legislation and state activities concerning youth policy. We participate in the work of parliamentary committees and parliamentary groups.



In order to respond to the challenges and problems of young people, as well as the actions of state bodies, we ask young people for their opinion in consultation processes. In this way, we engage citizens in dialogue, giving them the opportunity to have their say!



At the end of the process, in cooperation with young people, we prepare a comprehensive analysis of the problem, which is reflected in reports or legislative proposals.


We work for you

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