EU Youth Conference: Zagreb, Croatia (9.03.2020 -11.03.2020)

The conference addressed current demographic challenges with a special focus on young people in rural and remote areas. For the first time the results of VII Cycle of the European Union Dialogue with Youth were presented. They will be included in the draft of the Planned Resolution and presented at the Youth Council of the EU Council.

The Croatian Presidency that has terminated, addressed the challenges that young people face. The aftermath of the global economic crisis has hit young people the most, especially those in rural and remote areas, including many young families and highly skilled workers. Education, employment and youth empowerment are a common challenge of many Member States, going beyond the national framework and to which the Union needs to be more intensively committed.

Participants of the Conference were young people and EU youth representatives, representatives of international organizations, scientists and other representatives of state bodies and institutions.

Polish Council of Youth Organisations was represented by  Piotr Drzewiecki (President of the Board) and Agnieszka Gryz.


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